Out of Body Secrets Revealed: Your Key To Astal Projection Experinces

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Out-of-body experience

Newsletter keep up to date with the latest offers and information from Michele New! Receive a FREE email tarot reading when you subscribe. I give my consent to be emailed. I give my consent for my email activity to be tracked. Subscribe Privacy policy. The facts were clear; there was no evidence or proof of nonphysical worlds or our continued existence after death. I questioned the intelligence of anyone softheaded enough to accept the illogical concepts of heaven, God, and immortality.

In my mind these were fairy tales created to comfort the weak and manipulate the masses. I possessed the arrogant knowledge of a man who judges the world with his physical senses alone. I supported my conclusions with the overwhelming observations provided by science and technology. After all, if something mysterious was there, science would certainly be aware of it. My firm convictions of reality and life continued until June of During a conversation with a neighbor, our discussion turned to the possibilities of life after death and the existence of heaven.

I proceeded to present my agnostic viewpoints with vigor. One evening just after drifting to sleep, he was shocked to discover himself floating above his body. Completely awake and aware, he became frightened and instantly fell back into his physical body. Intrigued by his experience, I decided to investigate this strange phenomenon for myself.

After several days of research I discovered numerous references to out-of-body experiences throughout history. With some searching I found a book on the topic that actually described how out-of-body experiences are induced.

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The entire subject seemed extremely weird, and I considered the book the result of an overly active imagination. Out of curiosity, I decided to try one of the out-of-body techniques before sleep. After repeated daily attempts, I began to feel a little ridiculous. In three weeks the only thing I experienced out of the norm was an increase in my dream recall.

I became more and more convinced that this entire subject was nothing more than an intense or vivid dream stimulated by the so-called our-of-body techniques. They all seemed to be asking me questions related to my self-development and state of consciousness.

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  • At that moment in the dream I began to feel extremely dizzy, and a strange numbness, like from Novocain, began to spread throughout my body. Unable to keep my head up, I passed out, hitting my head on the table. Instantly I was awake, fully conscious, lying in bed facing the wall. I could hear an unusual buzzing sound and felt somehow different. Extending my arm, I reached for the wall in front of me. I stared in amazement as my hand actually entered the wall; I could feel the vibrational energy of it as if I was touching its very molecular structure.

    Lying in bed, I stared at my hand in disbelief. When I tried clenching my fist, I could feel the pressure of my grip; my hand felt completely solid, but the physical wall in front of me looked and felt like a dense, vaporous material with form.

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    Determined to stand, I began to move effortlessly to the foot of my bed, my mind racing with the reality of it all. Standing, I quickly touched my arms and legs, checking to see if I was solid, and to my surprise I was completely solid, completely real. But around me, the familiar physical objects in my room no longer appeared completely real or solid; instead, they now looked like three-dimensional mirages.

    Glancing down, I noticed a large lump in my bed. Amazed, I could see that it was the sleeping form of my physical body silently facing the wall.

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    As I focused my vision on the opposite side of the room, the wall seemed to fade slowly from view. In front of me I could see a wide, green field extending far beyond my room.